La Colombe Coffee

La Colombe not only makes excellent high quality coffee that we use in our coffee bar and sell from our market, but they also have several Goodwill efforts that really are worth talking about!

Project Afrique

La Colombe is actively engaged in bettering the lives of hundreds of orphaned children living in Africa. Project Afrique is the natural extension of our coffee work as made possible through sales of the Afrique Blend and additional funding from La Colombe and its founders. The project is close to the heart of owner Todd Carmichael, who is the adoptive father of three daughters born in Ethiopia.

Every dollar derived from Project Afrique is spent wisely and directly applied to the needs of these children – food, housing, education, and health care – through the establishment of reliable and accountable partnerships with organizations such as the Echoes Foundation in Uganda and Wide Horizons in Ethiopia.

Project 1,000 Wells

A staggering 1,300,000,000 people on the planet do not have access to clean water. Women and children carrying vessels and plastic bottles, often over long distances in dangerous conditions, to retrieve unclean water is a common sight in most coffee growing regions.

La Colombe is committed to the long-term project of drilling 1,000 water wells on the African continent to ensure access to clean water in more areas. In order to accomplish this, we are utilizing the means of profit sharing, fundraising events, sponsorships (Expedition Earth), and soon-to-be-launched philanthropic coffees (coffee for water).

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