Dusan Vuksanovic

Since the very beginning of my time creating images with the camera – the landscape and its pure, untouched beauty have been a focus of my artwork.

Winter Portraits of the Balkans, a series of photographs taken in the very heart of the Balkan Peninsula, Southwestern Serbia and Northern Montenegro, were created during winter journeys to some of the most attractive mountain ranges of the region. The Balkans, whose people, religions and cultures have changed ceaselessly since the time of the Romans, has one constant: the winter landscape, with reaching mountains, vast highlands, lush forests and rushing rivers. Over the years, it has become a ritual to capture the magic, snow-covered winters of this land – feeling completely natural.

I have succeeded as a photographer and a native of Serbia if these images encourage you to consider the Balkans from a different perspective, free of the usual social, economic and political connotations.

Baltimore, February 2012 Dusan Vuksanovic

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