Zachary Z. Handler June 1-July 30th

Zachary Z. Handler is most energized when photographing dance performances off-stage and outside the studio. By utilizing non-traditional sites, such as a historic school for girls, a grandmother’s pristine living room, or a city diner, the audience is invited to re-imagine their relationship to the dance work.


Over the past twelve years, Handler has worked with such arts organizations as the Museum of Modern Art, Quest: arts for everyone, and the Creative Alliance, providing community and access programs for persons with disabilities. Handler has also travelled both nationally and internationally, promoting and teaching arts education classes to deaf and hard of hearing youth in foster care.


Handler received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from the University of Maryland Baltimore County in 2003 and his Masters in Arts Administration from Columbia University Teachers College in 2005. Currently residing in Baltimore, Handler works for the Baltimore Medical System as the Deaf Services Program Manager. Always on the lookout for creative opportunities in both professions, Handler all the while enjoys the appropriation of found objects, the company of 1970s cinema, and the color pink.

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